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Do you have your private pilot’s license and are ready to earn your instrument rating? Here at  Universal Flight Training we can help. Our dependable new Cessna aircraft are well equipped with cutting edge technology in the cockpit to make your instrument training a relaxed, enjoyable and thrilling experience.As a private pilot, you will quickly acknowledge the limitations of your training and privileges. Non- instrument rated pilots may only operate airplanes in weather conditions that allow continuous visual contact with the ground, keep the airplane a specified distance from clouds (depending on the airspace the flight is conducted in) and have certain minimum ceiling and visibility requirements (again, dependent upon the airspace).
In very simple terms, the Instrument Rating allows pilots to safely fly in and through clouds. This can be extremely helpful to being able to complete a flight safely and efficiently. Even if you don’t anticipate conducting flights in ‘bad weather’, the instrument rating is a wonderful tool for cross country flying within the airway system.

Instrument Rated pilots are safer, more precise in their flying and adherence to procedures and statistically less likely to be involved in an aviation accident. 


  • Instrument Pilot Kit

  • Simulator 10hrs

  • Hood/Cross Country flying 40hrs

  • Instruction 40hrs

  • FAA written Knowledge  exam

  • Check ride without aircraft

  • *The above estimated is based on FAA part 61 minimum requirements. Hourly rates and prices are subject to change. (Total cost can vary as the total time needed to complete the rating varies based on each student)

ESTIMATED COST : $11,100 - $14,000

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