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Universal Flight Training Staff

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Joe Vazquez 

Chief Flight Instructor

Joe Vazquez has been a flight instructor since 1987 and is experienced in a wide variety of single & multi-engine aircraft and gliders. He is an FAA rated part 141 chief instructor, serving in that role at Hanover, Virginia until his move to Florida in May 2020.


Mr. Vazquez is also a Major General in the Civil Air Patrol and served as National Commander/CEO from Aug 2014 until Sept 2017. He is a retired Computer Engineer, having worked for Dupont and CSC during his career as an Operations Manager. He is a 1983 graduate of the University of Georgia and holds degrees in Computer Science and Psychology. His wife, Leslie, is also a CFI/CFII/MEI and CAP Lt. Colonel.

CJ Marsini

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

CJ Marsini is a third generation pilot who was sitting on his grandfathers lap flying ultralights and Ercoupes at 3 years old.  Five years ago he decided he wanted to make aviation his full time career and has taken his training to multiple environments, including South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Alabama, New Jersey, and Florida.  His diverse training has allowed him to be able to teach students of all skill levels in all types of weather.  He started off as an Uber driver to pay for his initial training while he followed his dream of becoming a full time pilot and now has amassed over 1,600 hours over five years and looks to pass on all of the knowledge he has learned to the next generation of pilots.
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Dan Gormley


Dan Gormley knew he wanted to be a pilot since his early teens, after his brother, who is a captain at Delta Air Lines, bought him a discovery flight for his birthday. He finally started his aviation journey in 2021, 5 months after graduating from high school. Since then, Dan has flown over 1,000 hours in various airplanes, including, but not limited to, complex, multi-engine, and tailwheel airplanes. His unwavering passion has led him to utilize his knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide a safe and productive learning experience for his students.
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Kiatrell Zachery


Kiatrell fell in love with aviation as a young kid. He would go on to learn how to fly at Baylor University. He then continued his training in West Virginia before finishing up additional Florida ratings. He has his MEI & CFI ratings and would love to share his passion for flying with you!
Fun fact: He loves flying with his wife and their 150lb English Mastiff!

Thomas Donetz


Thomas has loved airplanes since as long as he can remember. Aviation became his passion in 2021 when he took his first discovery flight in New Jersey. After achieving his Private Pilots License, he moved to Florida to continue his ratings and became an instrument instructor. He’s looking forward to meeting new students and teaching the wonders of aviation while building his hours to become a career pilot for the airlines.
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Justin Gorrell


Justin's fascination with airplanes and travel inspired him to begin flight training with us in late 2021. Since then, he has made progress in his own pilot training and has now joined our team as a CFI. Justin is passionate about sharing his knowledge and is dedicated to helping his students achieve their aviation goals with his patient and encouraging teaching style. Future goals include continuing to learn more and earning CFI-I and MEI ratings by the end of 2024!   

Reid Westermeier


A few years ago, Reid discovered his love for aviation, and has been hooked ever since. Before he found his wings, he was in real estate and sales. When he's not up in the air, you'll catch him skiing, hunting, golfing, or playing pickleball, but nothing compares to the thrill of flying! He plans on continuing his career in aviation to a part 135 charter operation, eventually looking to fly for a major airline.
Reid is all about adventure and fun!  

Jackson Septer


Jackson Fell in love with flying after downloading Microsoft Flight Simulator on his computer in high school. After doing a discovery flight, he was hooked and has since been training and currently attends Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. His goal is to continue developing his career, Imparting knowledge, and eventually work for a major airline. 
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