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The First Step, Your Discovery Flight  $249.99

So you have finally worked up the courage to take your very first flying lesson and learn to fly. Let us be the first to say, congratulations! Taking the controls of an airplane for the first time is an exhilarating experience that you will never forget.


If you are new to flying, our Discovery Flight is absolutely the best way to get a taste of what it is like to be an actual pilot. This “mini lesson” is only $249.99 and you will get hands-on flight experience that you can count towards your license.


During the discovery flight, you and one of our FAA Approved Flight Instructors will spend about 30-40 mins together. You will start by performing an actual pre-flight of the plane and then you will become the pilot and take the controls to experience the amazing freedom of flight.


We designed our Discovery Flight Program to be a very low commitment way to experience piloting first hand to decide if flying is right for you. If you or someone you know has ever dreamed of flying this is where you start.

Next Step: Private Pilot or Sport Pilot?

Once you have completed your Discovery Flight you will start your training to become a pilot. There are two certificates to choose from, Private pilot or a Sport Pilot. There are advantages and disadvantages to both; you will need to decide which is right for you.


The Private Pilot is the more popular of the two certificates. It allows you more freedom to fly where you want, when you want and with more than one passenger. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours training but the national average is about 60 hours.


The Sport Pilot is a new type of certificate that was designed to encourage more people to fly. It is a great introduction to the sport because it is generally less expensive and less time consuming to obtain. The disadvantage is that it is very restricted to when and where you can legally fly.


The FAA requires a minimum of 20 hours training but the national average is close to 45 hours total.


All of our basic pilot training courses are designed for Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). Our entire fleet is designated TAA and feature the Garmin or Dynon “glass cockpit” avionics packages. By training in TAA you are ensuring you are getting the most advanced flight training available.

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