Flight Team

Jose Santos               Owner & Operator

Founder of Universal Flight Training, Jose Santos holds a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI), Instrument (CFII), Multi-Instructor (MEI) and an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) with more than 10,000 hours, with half of those instructing new pilots.  Jose graduated from ComAir Academy (Sanford, FL) in 1989.

"As a professional I strive to provide the absolute best and most rewarding experience for my clients, currently maintaining a 100% passing rate on the private pilot practical test.  My persistence in the air and entrepreneurial spirit are fueled by my passion for aviation."

Don Behm                  Chief Flight Instructor 

Don Behm started flying in the Ohio valley and earned his ratings at Blue Ash airport (Cincinnati, Ohio).  He began instructing in 2007 working at Blue Ash and later Hogan Field.  Don earned his Gold Seal designation from the FAA in 2012, recognizing his dedication to student progress.  He moved to Florida in 2015 and began instructing for Universal Flight Training.  He enjoys helping pilots progress through the training process.

Sherman Bilbo                Flight Instructor

Sherman Bilbo started flying in 1972. Since then, he obtained his Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi Engine and Instructor ratings. He instructs students for Sport Plane, Private, Instrument and Commercial ratings. He has over 10,000 hours of flying time. Since discovering his passion for instruction, he has over 8,000 hours of instruction time with over 500 hours in sports planes.Originally from Staten Island NY Sherman has spent most of his life in Florida. Shermans’s focus is on general aviation and the ability to share his vast experiences and knowledge with others.

Dan Skoda                 Flight Instructor

Dan Skoda started flying with the US Navy, serving in Southeast Asia. After Vietnam, he worked in retail for more than 30 years, while earning his civilian Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating and Commercial License. Dan started his own management consulting company and continued his flight training, attaining his Flight Instructor (CFI) and Instrument Instructor (CFII) ratings. Dan has more than 2000 hours in the military and more than 3600 hours of civilian flight hours. "I really enjoy working with pilots to help them get their ratings and have had great success training Private, Instrument and Commercial students. Flying is both fun and a privilege, but I keep a constant focus on safety. You are always learning through instruction and experience.
8140 15th St E Sarasota, FL 34243                    941-210-4410           universalflight@gmail.com                        

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